A modern redesign of a Polaroid advertisement formatted for Instagram


I decided to take a stock image of a Polaroid camera and make an Instagram-style social media advertisement.

Design Considerations


  • I deliberately utilized white space in this design as minimalism is something I struggle with. The color palette sampled from the rainbow logo on the camera itself contrasts with the large white field.


  • Colors were sampled directly from the image to repeat the well-known rainbow design while not making the older camera look too faded


  • Various sources on the internet point to Frutiger Bold as being the base font for the actual Polaroid logo, and I wanted to stay true to the brand while still freshening up the image. The contrast with Sign Painter script looked classic and fresh.

Proximity / Alignment

  • Text has a strong right alignment with the camera image that contains white space to the left to provide “looking room” due to how the device was aligned in the frame.

Software Techniques


  • Pen tool vector selecting and masking to remove the camera cleanly from the original background
  • Rectangle Shape tool for the rainbow boxes
  • Text Tool character modifications including changing some of the kerning of the original font
A modern redesign of a Polaroid advertisement formatted for Instagram


Original Image (Left): Credit Eniko Kis, Unsplash

Frutiger Neue 1450 Bold, Fonts Empire
Sign Painter House Script, Fonts Geek