Yellow leafed trees with inspirational quotation


We were given the opportunity this week to create a piece that was relevant and meaningful to us as individuals. We had been working with the Art History brush in Photoshop, and I just loved how my adaptation of a skyward shot of some autumn colored trees had come out.

Design Considerations


  • My original edited image was too saturated to allow the text to come through, so the opacity was adjusted and a pure white text was used to contrast with the busy blue and yellow toned background.


  • I decided to be playful with the alignment here to simulate the canopy of a tree for the first half of the quote, and a centered non-warped text to represent sitting under the tree.


  • The quotation credit’s color is sampled directly from one of the tree leaf colors in the image
  • The white text repeats the color of the lens flare.
  • Typography in the first half of the quote and the attribution are the same (Avenir)


  • The two portions of the quote are grouped closely together with the same alignment through the center of the image


  • Handwritten font choice (A Little Sunshine) combined with lighter weight sans-serif (Avenir) for readability.
  • Adjustments to kerning and text warp both horizontally and vertically

Software Techniques


  • Art History Brush Tool
  • Free Transform Text
  • Warp Text (Arc)
  • Layer Blending Options


Original Image (Left): Credit Robert Murray at Unsplash