We were given an “artist’s choice” for this exhibit with the restrictions that we remove a subject from its original image and place it in another photograph. My original intent was to create a more commercial piece, but when I stumbled across these two original images on the same page over at Unsplash, I couldn’t unsee how they just meshed together with a little Photoshop assistance.

Design Considerations


  • The bright white of the lit theatre sign carries the message on the somewhat darker image shot at night.


  • Center alignment with strong leading lines down the sidewalk gives a framework for the eyes to travel from the message on the sign to the message on the subject’s shirt.


  • Adjustment of levels and luminosity as well as custom shaded shadows placed under the subject to provide the sense that the subject was actually in the image, not just pasted on top of it.


  • Both messages are in the center of the image to allow for the eye to flow to both components.


  • I chose to use an image with the typography already in the image instead of intentionally layering additional type.

Software Techniques


  • The Select and Mask Task Space
  • Accurate selections of difficult subjects (hair texture)
  • Creation of shadow layer on subject
  • Adjustment of luminosity and image color using adjustment layers
  • Perspective warp
  • Gaussian Blur / Tilt-Shift Blurring
  • Smart Objects



Original Images (below) from Unsplash, courtesy of the original photographers listed.

Original Image (Above): Credit Noah Pederson
Original Image (Above): Credit Grey Matter

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