For this exhibit, we were asked to utilize adjustment layers in Photoshop while creating more diversity in our portfolio options. I chose to create a minimalistic business card design for a fictional business called, “Impresso Espresso” created for a marketing class earlier in the semester.

Design Considerations


  • Contrast naturally was present with the original photo, but I modified the color palette to utilize a light pink and coffee brown instead of the original black and white. The company name mirrors the contrasting split from the bottom and top of the image.


  • The cup in the photo led me to use a strong center alignment


  • This card is two-toned in the palette, and the colors are repeated multiple times within the design.


  • A vertical bar and alignment worth with proximity to keep the most pertinent information needed on a business card within easy viewing.


  • Decorative font choice (Aladin) combined with lighter weight sans-serif (Lato) for readability. Aladin was chosen for it’s eastern ‘coffeehouse vibe’.

Software Techniques

Photoshop: Levels adjustment layer utilized to both lighten shadows and modify the color to appear in the pink/brown palette rather than stark black and white. ‘Impresso’ and ‘Espresso’ formed from multiple grouped modified layers to create a color change effect on the text as it crosses the midline of the design. Facebook icon removed from another image without the background to be placed in the upper left corner.


Original Image (Left): Credit Mukul Wadhwa, Unsplash

Facebook Icon: Credit Freepik,


Aladin: by Sudtipos 1001 Fonts
Lato: Google Fonts