For this exhibit, it was again “designer’s choice” with the goal of diversifying our portfolio a little more. I chose to allow myself to go a little more whimsical this time with my take on a typical YouTube video thumbnail utilizing a stock photo from Pexels.

Design Considerations


  • Contrast is typically used in thumbnails to quickly draw the reader’s eye, so I stripped the bear and the man from the backdrop in the image and placed them on a bright white field.


  • Colors are repeted in the hat and the subscribe banner along with the font choices of all the text with just slight differing styles in the typography.


  • Decorative font choice (Wildborn) in both clean and stamped styles to provide some visual variation with clear readability.

Software Techniques

Photoshop: Subject removal from background with masking as well as layer usage to form the subscribe banner with the extrude filter applied.


Original Image (Left): Credit Brett Savles, Pexels

Typography: Wildborn Vintage Sans, Creative Market – Wandry Supply
(Paid License)