Sample Calendar


For this exhibit, I chose to go a little more traditionally functional with a sample calendar layout using live shapes in Adobe Photoshop, clipping masks, and vector manipulation with Adobe Illustrator.

Design Considerations


  • White space and month name text used to contrast with the strong teal colors found in the image and header.


  • The teal header rectangle was sampled from the colors found in the image itself while white was repeated in the month header to provide both repetition and contrast.


  • Decorative font choice (Wildborn) in a stamped style to provide some visual variation with clear readability. The calendar typography is Lato, a highly readable sans-serif.

Proximity / Alignment

  • Strong right alignment with pertinent information all with close proximity to allow the eye to remain focused on the design.

Software Techniques

Photoshop: Live shape manipulation with clipping masks. Vector art imports from Adobe Illustrator.

Sample Calendar


Original Image (Left): Credit Chad Madden, Unsplash

Wildborn Vintage Sans Press, Creative Market – Wandry Supply
(Paid License)

Lato, Google Fonts (Free License)

Vector Calendar Template: Vecteezy