We were given an “artist’s choice” for this exhibit with the restrictions that we concentrated on grids, color, and layers. Recently, my husband had come up with a name for his home brewery and asked me to put a spin on a logo. I decided to take this a step farther in order to incorporate the required color palettes and grids into formatting it into an Instagram-style advertisement block.

Design Considerations


  • Logo design is monochrome in black and white


  • Strong overall left-alignment through the graphic with balanced center alignment for text in the logo


  • The color palette is sampled directly from the photograph to repeat elements
  • The logo is comprised of 3 variations of the same Hunscon spur-serif font
  • The same font family from the logo carried through in the “click here” button


  • Critical information listed in line keeping all pertinent information in close proximity.


  • Huscon spur-serif font family used exclusively for the logo, combined with a script for the “open” text.

I struggled to find a font that spoke to the grittiness of the homebrew process. It’s rustic and much like other home preservation techniques, hints at a time long ago when people needed to use these methods to survive. I wanted something a little rustic and vintage in its nature, and I wasn’t disappointed when I stumbled across the Huscon family of fonts over at Creative Market. I especially loved the small touch on how the lowercase o was presented. Eye-catching without being obnoxious in nature.

Software Techniques


  • Each component is on its own layer
  • Layer opacity adjusted and the background image was transformed to mirror image it to the opposite side to fit my grid
  • Color palette selected from the background image using the eyedropper tool
  • Drop shadows, stroke effects, and opacity modifications
  • Smart Objects in both triangles and logo imported from Adobe Illustrator


  • Logo created (modified from template) in Adobe Illustrator and imported into Photoshop
  • Text on a path along with addition of the Utah state icon along with varying text


Original Image (Left): Credit Adam Wilson at Unsplash

(Premium Licenses Purchased)

Huscon: Hustle Supply Company

Alehouse Script: Vintage Type Co